Saturday, 3 September 2016

My wish for one day

My wish for one day:
I will wake up and not have to think what challenge I will face today
I will not have to explain why I struggle with words
I will think without my mind twisting itself inside out
I will not have to face things about my life that scare me
I will not face things in my life that make me sad
I will be able to read a book or watch a film
I will not feel guilty for not working
I will be able to return to my job and not worry about failing
I will feel confident about going for a run
I will remember the name of everyone I meet
I will be spontaneous and not plan everything I do
I will not do ridiculous things however funny
I will not worry about bumping into people and saying sorry
I will not feel so tired that the least action exhausts me
My wish for one day is that i don't know I have had a stroke.

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