Friday, 15 July 2016

The next few days

I have not posted for a few days as I have either been so tired or confused for the last few days.

I don't remember the next few days very well and i will have to rely on the posts and messages on Facebook.  I decided fairly early that I would be open about what has happened for two reason.  The first is that writing about it gave me a outlet for my feelings and the the second is that if i raise awareness about stroke and its impact then maybe it would help someone else. 

My first post made light of what happened as all I said that my chances of running in the Rio Olympics had been shattered by having a stroke. (note: for those of you don't know me this was not a realistic proposition.  I am a keen but rubbish runner).  The response to this initial post was very touching with many people expressing concern.  The most predominant response was that of shock.  How can someone who eats healthily and keep themselves fit have a stroke.  As I was mentioned on the Stroke Unit, I was the fittest person on the unit.  After the post I got lots of direct messages asking about me and again this was touching.  No matter how many people are with you stroke is a lonely place and messages and contacts are always a pleasure to receive.

People shared photos with me such as the one below:

This a photo of me with Alison and Sarah at a run we did in November 2015 in Thetford Forest.  It was great to be reminded of fun times when you are feeling low.

It was already very worrying and upsetting, although I have no physical weakness i still felt very tired and fuzzy headed.  I did believe that I would be back at work the following week.  After all the main problem I appreciated was the loss of my left field of vision.  It seems weird now that I did think I would only be off work a few days.

During this time I had a visit from the Stroke Early Discharge Team, it was okay and my initial plan for rehab was set out.  As physical therapy was not required it focused on being able to do tasks and get things in the right order.

I also contacted my GP and an appointment was arranged for the following week.  

I had my first visitor (a close family friend) and it was lovely to be able to talk with her about the challenges ahead.  She has had her own challenges and having someone who could relate to health issues was comforting and helpful.

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